Want To Be A Super Fit Stay-At-Home Mom?

Let’s face it; you are a stay at home mom and you handle much more than just your kids. Time has become a luxury you cannot afford to misuse. Squeezing in a workout to your busy schedule of several trips back and forth to school with piles of daily laundry to be done while loading the dishwasher several times a day could be almost impossible. But, fitness is a priority. You have more than yourself to take care of right now, you have to be healthy to face the endless challenges of not only your life, but also that of your children. Here are some practical tips to be the fit mom you always wanted to be

Set a goal

Keep your goals personal and of course, real. Coin it to something that makes you feel great. Want to fit in to that elegant dress your husband first bought you? Want to get back to your pre pregnancy weight in 6 months? Well then, set your goal, and give it a practical deadline. If you have a family history of diabetes, hypertension etc., that’s more reason to set some goals and hit the track, or simply your elliptical machine.

Be flexible and grab every opportunity

Do not confine yourself to a particular place for your workout, you have the whole house to yourself. Be flexible. Keep your workout aids like dumbbells in a transportable basket if you have to. Grab the chance to work out, without waiting for the conditions to be perfect. Don’t fuss about your clothes either. You don’t always have to look like a sports model in sport magazines to work out. It will be ideal if you could set a specific time for this task, but let’s be real for a second, it might not always be possible with you being a mom now. So watch like a hawk and make some time. Best would be to finish working out early in the morning to toss it off your plate. Fish for opportunities or create some. Ditch your ride to school or the grocery store; walk or cycle.

Simple yet consistent

Don’t start too big. Start with something your body, yourself and your schedule can handle and be consistent. You can move on to something more complex and bigger with time, when working out becomes a comfortable part of your daily schedule. Just make sure you are consistent. Invest in an exercise machine if that will make things easier for you. Simplify wherever and whenever possible.

Involve a third party

If you make an appointment with another person, chances are that you are actually going to make it. Get a running partner; perhaps another parent from your kids’ school who will run with you after dropping kids to school. Sign up for a Zumba or martial arts classes at a practical time when your kids are at school or someplace safe.

Get your kids involved, make them feel needed

“Me-time” can be a thing of the past once you hit motherhood. So get your kids involved in this journey. Let your kids believe you need their help to get fit. Let them know they can share your success once you achieve your goals. Make them count while you work out, go run with them, ride the bicycle with them or even enrol for a yoga or martial arts class where you can workout together.

Keep track of your results reward yourself

Keep checking your weight at healthy intervals; may be every other week or keep trying on your motivational dress that you can no longer fit in to. Reward yourself for even the most trivial things you achieve in this journey of fitness. Buy yourself a sports bra, get some extra sleep while your husband watches over the kids. Just reward yourself in the best possible way.

Working out is the first thing that all of us conveniently delete off the to-do list as soon as we realise we are running short of time. However, keeping fit and thereby staying healthy should be a priority. And guess what? There are millions of moms juggling all of it successfully. They are good moms who give the best to their kids and they are also fit, healthy and agile. That’s some hope there. It is doable. You can be the super fit mom you dream of being. Stay fit, stay happy.