Playing Around in Water Bodies

What People Watch, Read and Experience
Who doesn’t remember the TV series Baywatch? The show about good looking actors and actresses having fun in the sun was the Bible of some people back in the day, when it was super popular. Moreover, the show about Bondi beach lifeguards is very illuminating about the work lifeguards do to protect people near the ocean and in the ocean. Steve Irwin, the ‘Crocodile Hunter’s’ work with crocodiles near water bodies enthralled the nature enthusiasts. Water and people have always been connected, and people love to see shows and movies and read books and magazines connected with water.
Riding the Wave like Jay Moriarity
Surfing is fun. The movie, Chasing Mavericks based on Jay Moriarity, the American surfer who died aged 22, would have bought a few tears to the eyes of people who watched the movie, till the ending rolled in. Seeing the story about Jay’s struggle with social issues related to being ostracized in school and his father’s abandonment, while wanting to learn the sport he loves the most is poignant. The way the movie talks about how some people must return to water again and again, captured and bewitched by some unseen magical element would have people who want to learn surfing, try it for the first time.
Down the River You Go
Rowing down the river wearing custom rowing kits, while the river beats down on you would be another person’s idea of fun. The thrill that comes from being a little reckless and from being a little brave can only experience, not told or conveyed. But you must remember to be a little considerate while rowing and coordinate with your team to row down the river safely. It is not fun if someone gets hurt in the process.
Swimming in the Swimming Pool
Sometimes you don’t have to go searching for the right river or the perfect beach to play around in. The local swimming pool in the vicinity of your home would be able to sate your desire to play around in water. As the 2016 Olympics are coming around, people can’t help but remember the beautiful sports related to the Olympic Games. From Michael Phelps who dazzled the entire world by winning so many medals, to the various divers who showed of their diving skills with vigor, to synchronized swimmers and synchronized divers, the Olympic Games have so much to offer. You can only anticipate what the latest changes Brazil would bring this year.
So people want to watch as well as experience these things. Water offers so many variations of things you can do to have some joy. So are you a merman or a mermaid?