Encouraging Your Child To Take Up Extracurricular Activity

The current education system in the world is in many ways useless and redundant. Like teaching a horse, a cat, a fish and an elephant the art of climbing a tree, we find that the school education system teaches children such general things that it is unlikely that they ever make use of anything that they have learnt in school in real life. In fact, the school education system does not teach kids the most basic things needed to survive in the real world, in the adult world, such as how to run a business, or nutritional facts needed to feed themselves and their children, nor even the basics about the tax system and how to pay their taxes. The fact is, the school education system does not result in a well-rounded child and often leaves a child bored and lazy to go to school when the correct education systems would haveleft children excited to go back to learn more. 

Helping your child to take up a sport

It is extremely important for you to help your child to take up a sport in order to develop their talents and get the exercise that every child requires. Children unlike adults have a lot of energy in their bodies and they need a way to let out that energy and a sport is the perfect outlet and will also help to keep your child fit and exercised. In order for you to identify your child’s strong sport, you will need to help them to explore many different sports. You may buy them a proper sports gear like pair of cricket batting pads, a cricket bat, a cricket ball in order to explore cricket as a sport and you may also have them simultaneously try out for tennis by giving them a tennis racket or a tennis ball.

Providing adequate protection for your child during sport

While taking up a sport is always a good thing, you need to keep in mind that your child could get injured during sport severely and therefore you as a parent need to provide your child with all adequate shields and protection in order to avoid this such as cricket batting gloves and other protections.

It is important for you to get your child involved with many extra-curricular activities such as sports and other activities based on their talents. It is extremely important for you to help your child develop their talents whether it be reading, wring, drawing or sport because this talent could very well be the way that you child one day earns a living and the base on which they build up a business.