Conquering the Concrete Jungle


Life in the Metropolitan City

The city is loud, busy and it is where things happen. It has an organized way of life. Tickets for the metro train or the public transportation bus, the coffee bought from the café down the street from your workplace, the vodka tonic bought in a night club, the sound of vehicles moving at night, heard through the windows of your bedroom, all represent a certain culture or way of life.

The city has taught us to be fast paced and to reject a lethargic way of life. Some people can handle it while others seek the comforts of nature and silence in other relaxing locations.

Therefore, cycling in the city can be enjoyable as well as hazardous.

Avoiding an Unrefined Skid across the Road

Removed from the comfort and shade of large natural trees and plants, the city offers the cyclists, blistering sun beams. The rain, the wind and the snow come down directly on the rider’s back, and there is no cover from it on the road. Cycling on rainy days when the drainage systems are clogged, with water flooding down streets can take the cyclist on an unscheduled swim down the streets? Ice sheets covering roads during winter will make them really slippery and really hazardous to walk on, let alone ride.

So cyclists need to wear proper cycling apparel, to protect themselves. There is a multitude of gloves, caps, jerseys, bib shorts, socks, leg warmers, arm warmers, kit bundles, gilets and jackets, base layers, knitwear, t-shirts and polo shirts available for both men and women. They are fashionably designed while being durable, cumbersome, breathable and of high quality and performance.

The Pedestrian and the Rider

Not only the natural elements, but human factors need to be taken into consideration when riding in the city. Racing down the road with your high school mates, and then ramming into an old lady walking slowly across the road is a sure way to earn a lawsuit of negligence. You also need to be vigilant of reckless pedestrians running across the roads suddenly, or pedestrians walking on roads with headphones stuck to their ears.

Collison with a Motor Vehicle

Motor vehicle riders don’t take bike riders and cyclist seriously. In some countries, the most number of road accidents are related to bikers and their bikes. An accelerating Jeep coming into collision with your bicycle will not only destroy your precious bike, but will injure your body. So being vigilant while riding is a must. Wearing bright cycling kits that make it easy to spot a person from far away is important. Wearing nightlights when you go riding at dawn or during the night will help motor vehicle riders distinguish you in the dark.

In this manner, by understanding the dangers of the metropolitan city, you can cycle to your heart’s content. It allows you to reduce your carbon footprint in an age when climate change is a massive issue of the entire world. You can exercise while enjoy the surroundings.

In this manner conquer the concrete jungle, conquer yourself.