Avoid These Mistakes While Using Protein Powders

It is true that coconut oil is wonderfully used in various purposes. But commonly many mistakes are done by people while using the coconut oil at home.

Here are six major mistakes which you should avoid when you use the coconut oil that is organic. Have a look.

  • Storage mistakes: Buy supplements online at Bulk Powders is good for your skin. But people store it in the shower or bathtub shelf. It is truly inappropriate. Your wet hands and humidity of your bathroom will mold the growth of the oil container. So store it in some other places and keep the container tightly closed. Use a clean dry spoon to use the coconut oil rather than hands.
  • Usage on colored hair: When you are using natural whey protein have a consult with the doctor, before you use them on your colored hair. If you use it on your color treated hair, it will strip the color from your color treated hair. So don’t use them without the doctor’s concern.
  • A patch test on your skin as well as hair: While you decide using the coconut oil, on your skin and also on your hair, make a patch test previously. Always do a patch test on your skin before using it. Otherwise, rashes and inflammation may cause on your skin. Your itchiness on skin will speak of the allergy. If your skin is prone to tree nut allergy, then it will also react to the coconut oil and its products too. Still if you are thinking to use it, talk to your doctor.
  • Acne prone skin: It is not true that using coconut oil, will give way to acne or pimples. But if you are prone to acne, you will be more affected after using the coconut oil. Your skin will be showing blackheads or whiteheads.
  • Using coconut oil of any kind: If you are using the coconut oil of any kind, they will never give you and good result. They are hydrogenated and therefore Trans fats as well as good components are destroyed. So no good result will be provided to you with the usage of such ordinary brand of coconut oil. Use a good brand of coconut oil and make sure that it suits your skin.
  • Makes your floor slippery: The usage of coconut oil makes the floor slippery. So walk cautiously after using the coconut oil on the feet. Bathroom floor can be slippery and accidents may occur.