Profiling The Greatest Basketball Players Of All Times

Basketball is a game of fury. It is one of the most physically demanding games that is also credited with the success in creating a number of dominating and revolutionary players who have topped charts all throughout their playtime. The game still holds a unique charm and fancy that can be seen in street side and vacant parking lots. Even the President of the United States is a hardcore fan of this interesting game.
1. Michael Jordan: One of the most iconic players in NBA history, Michael Jordan is the story of man who resisted failure to achieve historical success. Michael is very popular as a basketball player that his basketball singlet or an endorsed Nike shoe can fetch millions in an auction. Jordan won 6 championship titles before retiring in 2009. Jordan is well known with his monikers “His Airness” and “Air Jordan” for his marvelous capacity to make massive leaps and slam dunks that no opponent could manage to defend.
2. Magic Johnson: Legendary is just one word to describe the magnanimous contribution that Magic Johnson has made to basketball. Representing Los Angeles Lakers, Johnson was so popular in his years that wearing a fitness clothing with his jersey number itself was a thing of pride for the young generation. Johnson bagged 3 MBA MVP awards and represented his team in 9 MBA finals before hanging his boots.
3. LeBron James: Still looping winning shoots, LeBron James is a star player of Cleveland Cavelliers. He started off as a little known small forward and has now becoming a prominent player on the court who can dazzle opponent players with swift moves and fast passes. With a towering 2.03m height, he is also one of the tallest basketball players of NBA. LeBron is credited with the success of two Olympic Gold medals, 2 NBA Finals MV awards and a NBA scoring title. He is also the all time lead scorer of the Cleveland Cavelliers. Visit 
4. Larry Bird: Larry is a retired basketball player who wore the jersey of Boston Celtics. He retired from his high flying international career in 1992, putting to end an impressive show of skills, accurate shots and brilliant team playing. He currently presides as the President of Indiana Pacers. He has won three championship titles and two NBA final MVU awards during his scintillating career. 
Basketball has achieved stardom and a prestigious position in the minds of fans, thanks to legendary players like Michael Jordan, magical Johnson, Lebron and Larry Bird. The list is not complete and can never be completed as the game is one of the most versatile and diverse games that has no short of extraordinary talent. The coming generations will only keep rewriting records and creating new milestones that will enthrall and surprise basketball fans.

Reasons Why You Should Take Up Yoga

If you’ve never given this form of fitness practice a try, then you’ve been missing out. This is actually more than a fitness practice, but has been used for literally thousands of years by people to strengthen both body and mind. Each pose is designed to target certain party of the body, but not just the muscles and bones. Through these poses, you can improve how well your internal systems and organs function altogether. Hereare several more reasons why it’s about time you started yogic practices.

Improves Posture

When you drive past your local fitness center HK, do you ever see anyone with poor posture? The answer is probably rarely, because there are hundreds of poses that help you strengthen the finer muscles and muscle groups that make you flexible and help you to maintain the correct posture. Poor posture is easily corrected, as often the cause of poor posture is weak back muscles.

Improves Mood and Reduces Stress

If you are someone who has a highly stressful job or gets stressed easily, then it’s about time you hired a personal yoga instructor. Regular practice will not only strengthen your body, but also your mind. Research has shown a clear link between low levels of stress and the meditation and poses involved in such regimens. With breath exercises and slow movement, you can learn to relax your body and mind, releasing all the tensions of daily life hassles.

Improves Blood Flow and Combats High BloodPressure

Yes, you read right. If you have high blood pressure, even if it is not due to stress, this can help you bring it back to normal levels. Many of these asanas (poses) especially improve with blood circulation, enriching every cell with more oxygen. The deep breathing actually even improves stamina, increases lung capacity, and slows your heart rate, thereby decreasing the pressure on your heart.

Helps in Weight Loss

More and more people are seeking weight loss treatment, and with difficulty of being a consistent gym goer, people tend to resort to cosmetic surgery or dangerous dieting fads. Well, you should know that this is a practice that you can actually do from your own home, and all you need is a mat. Hire a trainer to come to your home and teach you the positions. He or she can create a custom program for you based on your needs. These practices are so effective in calming the mind that you won’t find yourself engaging in the kind of behaviors related to weight gain (such as stress eating).

If you want to get fit, both physically and mentally, hire an expert or join a local community now. With consistent practice even a few minutes a day, you’ll start seeing all these benefits and more within as little a few days!